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Does Goodwill Take Lawn Mowers? Discover the Best Destination for Your Old Equipment

Does Goodwill Take Lawn Mowers?

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Yes, Goodwill does accept lawnmowers. Whether you’re looking to donate a gas-powered or electric mower, Goodwill is a convenient option for getting rid of your old lawn equipment while supporting a charitable organization.

Donating your lawn mower to Goodwill not only helps reduce waste but also provides an opportunity for someone else to benefit from the item. By giving a new life to your lawnmower through donation, you contribute to the mission of Goodwill, which is to provide job training and employment opportunities to individuals in need. (Does Goodwill Take Lawn Mowers?)

So, if you have a lawnmower that you no longer need, consider donating it to Goodwill and make a positive impact on your community.

Goodwill’s Commitment To Environmental Sustainability

  • Environmental Commitment:
    • Goodwill is dedicated to environmental sustainability.
    • Actively promotes recycling and reusing old lawnmowers.
  • Waste Reduction:
    • Aims to reduce waste through responsible disposal practices.
    • Recognizes the importance of eco-friendly options for equipment.
  • Customer Focus:
    • Dedicated to offering eco-friendly options to customers.
    • Encourages individuals to donate or sell used lawnmowers.
  • Lifecycle Extension:
    • Instead of discarding, Goodwill promotes extending the lifecycle of lawnmowers.
    • Contribution to overall waste reduction and environmental preservation.
  • Practical Approach:
    • Reflects commitment through efforts to promote recycling and reusing.
    • Emphasizes responsible disposal practices for a positive environmental impact.

Donating Lawn Mowers To Goodwill

Donating a lawn mower to Goodwill offers a convenient and meaningful way to get rid of unwanted equipment while supporting a worthy cause. Goodwill gladly accepts lawnmowers in good working condition as part of its donation program.

Before donating, it’s important to keep in mind the criteria for acceptable donations. Goodwill typically only accepts lawnmowers that are functional, with all necessary attachments and in good physical condition. It’s worth checking with your local Goodwill branch to ensure they accept lawnmowers as donation items, as policies may vary by location.

There are several benefits of donating to Goodwill. By donating your lawn mower, you not only support Goodwill’s mission of providing employment and job training programs, but you also help reduce waste and promote sustainability. You may be eligible for a tax deduction for your donation, which can provide some financial benefits as well.

Exploring Local Recycling Centers

Understanding the recycling process for lawnmowers is essential in ensuring their proper disposal. When it comes to disposing of old or broken lawnmowers, it is important to find nearby recycling centers that accept these types of equipment. Recycling centers specialize in collecting and recycling many materials, including lawnmowers, to minimize waste and promote environmental sustainability. To locate nearby recycling centers, you can use online directories or search engines that provide information on recycling centers in your area. You can contact your local waste management or recycling authority for a list of approved recycling centers. Once you have identified a recycling center, it is important to familiarize yourself with their guidelines for preparing and transporting the equipment. This may include draining any remaining fuel, removing batteries, and securing the mowers for safe transport. By following these guidelines, you can contribute to the recycling efforts in your community and ensure that your old lawn mower is disposed of responsibly.

Selling Or Trading in Your Lawn Mower

Does Goodwill Take Lawn Mowers?

Selling or trading your lawn mower can be a convenient way to get rid of an old machine and make some extra money. There are several online platforms where you can list your used lawn mower for sale, such as eBay and Craigslist, which allow you to reach a wide audience of potential buyers. Some dealerships offer trade-in options, where you can exchange your old lawn mower for credit towards the purchase of a new one. When selling or trading in your lawn mower, there are a few factors to consider. First, the condition of your equipment will play a role in determining its value. If your lawn mower is in good working condition and has been well-maintained, you may be able to fetch a higher price. The brand and model of your lawn mower can impact its resale value. Consider the demand for used lawnmowers in your area and price your equipment competitively to attract buyers.

Other Charitable Organizations Accepting Lawn Mowers

Topic Information
Community-based organizations and non-profits – Accept lawn mower donations to support the local community. – Provide various services like job training, education support, and assistance to low-income individuals and families. – Donations help them carry out programs benefiting those in need.
Donating to organizations supporting causes – Some organizations focus on specific causes like environmental conservation or youth empowerment. – Accept lawnmowers to support initiatives related to gardening, landscaping, or outdoor activities. – Donating contributes to their cause and promotes positive change in those areas.
Researching organizations for donations – Before donating, research and identify organizations that specifically accept lawn mower donations. – Utilize online directories, contact local community centers, or reach out to relevant organizations. – Inquire about their acceptance policies. – Choose organizations with a clear focus on lawn mower donations for a meaningful impact.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Does Goodwill Take Lawn Mowers

What Items Does Goodwill Not Accept in Texas? (Does Goodwill Take Lawn Mowers?)

Goodwill in Texas does not accept certain items, such as mattresses, personal hygiene products, and hazardous materials.

What Does Goodwill Not Accept In Illinois?

Goodwill in Illinois does not accept mattresses, large appliances, tires, chemicals, and hazardous materials.

What Does Goodwill Not Take Indiana?

Goodwill in Indiana does not accept mattresses, chemicals, tires, car parts, or large appliances.

What Will Goodwill Take Near Me?

Goodwill accepts donations of clothing, household items, electronics, and furniture at their locations near you.


Goodwill does not typically accept lawnmowers due to safety concerns and lack of resources for their proper maintenance and repair. It is advisable to explore other options such as local recycling centers, specialized charities, or online marketplaces for getting rid of your old lawn mower responsibly.

By choosing the right disposal method, you can contribute to a greener and cleaner environment while finding a suitable home for your lawn mower.

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